Carversville Artist's Cottage

This new home in Solebury is situated on a beautiful property with steep slopes and natural woodlands. By building the new home on the foundations of an existing older ranch house and garage, we were able to locate the house on the nicest part of the property, which would otherwise not have been permitted by the zoning code. This contemporary cottage was designed as a weekend retreat for an artist from New York City. The home has an open plan living, dining and kitchen space, three bedrooms, and a balcony overlooking the sitting area lit by dormers on both sides. It also features an artist’s studio located above the two-car garage, which can be accessed from the second floor of the house.The pergola on the terrace was designed by architectural designer Cara Smith.


Jarrett Vaughan Builders

Interior Designer

Callaghan Interior Design

Landscape Architect

John Morgan Thomas Landscape Architects


Randl Bye Photography